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Career Advancement – Productivity & Smarter Working – managing Change & Transition – Confidence – Leadership – Balance & Fulfillment

Investing in personal development can be one of the most courageous and life changing decisions you can make. I know that personally having spent a long time trying to ‘work things out’ on my own, often feeling trapped and frustrated in my career and struggling to see the wood through the trees.

What coaching offers

Coaching is a personal tool which will help bring clarity and focus to your thought process, your behaviour, your needs and wants.

It helps breakdown the obstacles and the challenges, open the eyes to possibilities and allows you to focus on exactly what you need to do in order to close the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be.


You will achieve focused attention, clarity, action, accountability and transformation.

You will arm yourself with a better understanding of yourself – your values, your tendencies and your strengths – so that you can make better and quicker decisions

You will engage your leader within to be more confident, empowered and fulfilled.


“My role as your coach would be  to help guide you, empower you and help raise awareness of your beliefs, your challenges, your options and your potential for achieving amazing things.”



Chemistry is so important so book a free 30-45mins coaching discovery session to get a sample of working with me and to ask as many questions as you want before committing to a coaching programme.

Book a free discovery session


I work predominately via Zoom with personal clients to deliver extra flexibility to session timings. Coaching sessions last 60 minutes. I am based in West London, UK, but happy to work with anyone worldwide too (English speaking).

If you prefer to meet in person there are options available.

Behaviour profiling

As a certified Everything DiSC profiler & trainer I incorporate behaviour profiling as a valuable insight tool into all my coaching. Find out more about this here.

Coaching Programmes

Most of my coaching is tailor-made because you are a fabulous individual with individual needs. However, I do offer a few specific coaching programmes on occasion so look out for these advertised on this website.

“Victoria is a professional, authentic and an incredibly insightful coach. After just one coaching session together she managed to unpick what was holding me back on my job search and also to face the fears that I had created along the way. She also brought empathy to the session and a wealth of experience of the corporate world which she has spent a long time working in. I would thoroughly recommend a coaching programme with Victoria especially if you are going through a transitional period and need someone to help navigate next steps. I love her honesty and pragmatic approach. She has a great passion for wanting to help people and make a difference and I know as a result I now have clarity on what I need to do next..”

Rebecca – Private one to one client