about my Coaching 

The concept of ‘Self Leadership‘ sits at the heart of my coaching. You have any amazing leader within which when you understand your beliefs, build self awareness and understand personal strategies which will help you power your performance – thinking and behaviour  you can learn to engage your leader every day to maximise your potential.

Self- leadership, is the influence we exert  over ourselves in order to perform better.”

(The New SuperLeadership, Charles C. Manz and H enry P. Sims, Jr.)

self leadership

The Hardest but most essential person to lead is you

Self leadership is an intuitive approach to the way you perform. It requires  you understand yourself well, to take responsibility and ownership of everything you have in front of you and to develop confidence, resilience and self belief so that you can inspire and influence yourself to make decisions and take action. It’s hard I won’t lie. The one person who will resist your leadership the most is that person who stands inside your shoes.

My coaching programmes look to help you master a self leadership mindset and behavioural strategies so that you become a stronger performer ready and open to change because you have the  beliefs, behaviours and skills to adapt and transform when needed. Self leadership aptitude helps improve clarity of thinking, confidence, self belief, relationships, team leadership, productivity and motivation.

Get ready to meet your super powers!


Changing the personal keys when needed to unlock the right doors

You need a deep and clear understanding of your true best performing self in order to achieve your potential. Continued attention to your self awareness will pay dividends as your career or business develops. Confidence builds with self knowledge. No matter how successful or what experience we have behind us keeping one eye on who we are is important to ongoing success.

My coaching programmes look to help you reflect on who you are, what you want to achieve, what obstacles you need to tackle and to use self knowledge and belief to inspire and influence action confidently. I help you reflect, recalibrate and refocus in order to be confident in yourself, your thinking and your behaviours plus always be able to effectively respond to situations and challenges.

Get ready to feel fresh, energised and effective. To adapt and flex when needed. To sail powerfully and confidently towards your goals.

work smarter

Shine a light on the way you work

Our time is our number one resource and too often we waste it or work in a way which leaves us flat and exhausted. However it’s not time we need to manage effectively but our attention. Procrastination, overwhelm and anxiety are often byproducts of poor working environments, inability to say NO and habits which we have picked up over time but which slow us down and create no space for innovation, creativity or thinking.

My coaching programmes help you rethink behaviours so that you focus on making sure you can manage your attention more effectively. We eliminate unnecessary distractions, bad habits and energy zappers. We introduce priortisation, planning and general productivity strategies so you improve your effectiveness, efficiency and results.

Eliminate overwhelm and inefficiencies by mastering your attention not just your time and be the most effective version of you.


Being crystal clear on where you want to get to and how you’ll know when you get there

Not many of us ever set off on a new journey without checking where we are going and with a map in hand to ensure we can keep going if we get lost. Yet do you know exactly what the success you are seeking actually looks like? Are you clear on the criteria you are judging decisions on? Without this information how do we know whether the action we are taking is moving us in the right direction or how do we find the motivation to take action?

My coaching programmes look to help you understand fully how you measure success, to hone in on what’s important to you and to use this knowledge to unlock the motivation and confidence you need to power yourself forward to excellent performance constantly no matter how many hurdles and bends there are in the road ahead.

Get ready to take action confidently to achieve success