Executive & Corporate coaching

as a certified executive coach I will help nurture and optimise the talent in your organisations to achieve organisational goals

Coaching can transform the behaviour of your Directors, Leaders and Managers and thereby improve performance and effectiveness for the individual, team and the wider organisation. It helps organisations deliver growth, effectiveness, employee and client retention through the investment in tailored personal development support.

Through Executive Coaching you can support your employees to become  the strongest, most resilient, effective, productive, confident and impactful in your sector by letting them engage in self learning and development to build on their existing skills, to work to their strengths, to be more flexible and adaptable and to be motivated to stretch themselves outside their comfort zones everyday.

All my Executive Coaching programmes are completely tailormade to focus on the specific organisation and individuals needs. I start with a sponsor meeting to discuss the organisations motivation for seeking coaching and set goals. We then follow up with a tri-party session with coachee, sponsor and myself the coach to hone in on agreed specific individual goals which will contribute to the success of the organisations goal.

As a Certified Everything DiSC® trainer and coach all my coaching programs include behavioural profiling which ensures an in-depth learning experience leading to gather greater insight into an individuals behaviour and those of the people around them.

All coaching is face to face in a clients office or a suitable location.

Length of coaching period will vary between 3-6 months dependent upon brief. All coaching relationships are tri-party with coach, sponsor and coachee all agreeing objectives and deliverables.

“Right (and left) hands don’t get any better than Victoria. With a moral compass centred on team achievements, serious backbone and tenacity, adding Victoria to your mix will reap rewards. Adept at crafting business plans, her skill at pulling together teams that perform is a joy to watch. She and I have experienced highs and lows like no other and she’s the one who is dusting you off and pulling together to break through whatever the challenge is. It was a privilege to have had this lady by my side for many years. Hire her; it will be best decision you make today..”

Carey – MD/ Consultant