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behaviour profiling to step change your performance, relationships and effectiveness

As a certified Everything DiSC® trainer and coach I offer DiSC profiling as part of every coaching programme so we can delve deep quickly into your behavioural style and tendencies. Book a discovery coaching session here to find out more

I also offer fun and interactive group workshops based on the different types of profiles and an organisations goal. Get in touch today to discuss your brief

About Everything DiSC® profiling?

A reliable and proven behaviour modeling tool which delivers insight and understanding of style, preferences and characteristics which can be used to improve performance, communication, relationships and specific behavioural challenges.

Every profile is easy to understand, reliable, gives in-depth insight and inspires strategies, tips and action.

With a focus on specific scenario/ role in mind it not only allows you to apply attention on specific areas it acts as an on going reference point for future personal development and challenges.

The insight achieved from a DiSC® profile gives you the ability to…

Read people so you always get a sense of how they may react, think and behave in certain situations.

Always work to strengths – know what motivates or stresses yourself and your colleagues

Understand and create the most dynamic teams

Foresee how someone will perform in a particular situation

Improve communication, relationships, effectiveness and team culture

Gain greater confidence in your recruitment decisions

Who is an Everything DiSC® profile for?

With a wide range of profiles available for leaders, managers, salesforce, teams and individuals, the DiSC® profiling tool can drive positive behavioural transformation for everyone.

A DiSC® profile is included in all my coaching programmes but I also offer one off profiling sessions for individuals privately or via organisations as well as group workshops.

Book a FREE discovery consultation  to discuss your specific needs, challenges and to find out more about working with me and in particular Everything Everything DiSC®.