About me

I believe as a coach it is my role to help unlock potential in others through the engagement of the leader within.

I’m not here to tell you what to do but to inspire the real you to find answers, confidence, belief and the power to transform your thinking and behaviour in order to lead yourself to success.


With over 20 years successful business and career experience, I’m no stranger to pressure, commercial challenges and business management of small and large organisations and of course the personal highs and lows of career development.

I’m a qualified and certified Executive Coach, certified Everything Disc trainer and experienced business leader, trainer, university lecturer and mentor.

With over half my career spent at board level I’m very practiced in co-leading transition and change programmes, team management, leadership, motivation, HR, visioning, strategising and implementing business and professional growth.

I know how hard it is to keep the personal performance engine firing on all cylinders, to thrive and deliver your best constantly. I know how hard it can be to want change but to struggle to put your finger on why or be able to take the first steps to make change become reality. I know when changes in situations at work and at home mean it can be tough to be effective or to be or continue to be the star performer you have the potential and desire to be. I know first hand the crippling effects of perfection, procrastination, self doubt and indecision. But I also no how to harness the power from within to take charge and to lead yourself to success.


I stepped into coaching from a successful marketing career where creativity, strategic thinking and getting under the skin of consumer behaviour were my strengths and passions.

I’ve worked across a number of different sectors and in roles which have included company leadership, business development, client service, project management and operations.

In addition to working as a coach,  I also work at Kingston University as a lecturer on the Business & Professional Readiness Program. A mandatory module attached to business and law degrees. It’s great to be working with an institution which is focusing on ensuring the next generation is entering a career with clarity, strength and focus of who they are and what they can offer to employers.


I’m a creative and strategic thinker, process lover, detail queen and supportive person with a passion for digging deep and finding solutions. I love to grab hold of new challenges with positivity and well oomph!

Many have described me as focused and determined. I say it’s my hunger for growth and development for me and those around me which drives me, fills me with a can do attitude and that powers me on no matter the opportunity, challenge or hurdle.

I’m solution focused and work with pride and quality at the heart of everything I do. I’m a team player, I believe in people, I love to empower and love to support individuals and businesses to perform at the top of their game.

I believe in the impossible. I believe in growth. I believe in change. I believe in me and in you.


And I don’t know about you but my sky is pretty high!


I’m a mum of two  and wife to an avid Liverpool fan. Based in Teddington, Greater London  (but working nationwide) with Izzy the Cocker Spaniel and Rhett the cat (yes i admit I Iove Gone with the wind!) by my side. I’m passionate about living life to the fullest and accepting no compromise to work life balance and fulfilment.

I tap dance in my spare time, love musicals (I have 5 grades in singing – but don’t ask me to sing in public!) and enjoy feeding my knowledge in any way I can.

I’d love to work with you, help you and support you be and believe in your best.


As a coach I wish I could overnight magicallycreate the change and improvement you are wishing for. Buit takes a little time and a lot of effort, But through coaching change and improvement is within your grasp.

What you get from me as your coach is;

I have belief in you! –You can achieve your vision of success. I believe you can succeed. So you will find an energetic and positive partner who is committed to your personal growth with no vested interest. I’ll keep you accountable, motivated and focused.

Positivity – It’s more than a smile and bit of energy (although I bring oodles of that), it’s the ability to see not a problem but an opportunity, to frame and put things in perspective and move forward with growth in mind.

Experience  & empathy – I look back with pride on all I’ve achieved but it’s not been without my own personal struggles, stress, confusion, hair pulling and inner chat to knock me sideways on occasions.  I’ve worked through highs and lows of the economy, faced redundancy, mergers, organisational transition plus with 2 children under 10 I know first hand how difficult it is to manage a busy life, pressures and still deliver your best.

Challenge – I’ll push you with your permission to look at things differently, facing feelings and thoughts you have not pushed yourself to acknowledge before.

Partnership – we work together. You lead and I follow in what we call a designed alliance.

Fun – With creativity in my DNA from years of working in marketing our sessions will be fun!

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