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Welcome, I’m Victoria Walsh, Certified Coach and experienced business leader.

It’s my passion to help people find their best performing self and TO TRANSFORM THEIR CAREERS AND BUSINESSES through Self leadership and the mastering of their beliefs.

Our Beliefs sit at the heart of our power to succeed.

Our beliefs are the power which directs every thought, action and reaction. They are key to our mindset and our behaviour. They push us forward but all too often can also keep us stuck, stop us, push us back, frustrate us and self sabotage us.  Often without us realising it. When you can master your beliefs it is easier to engage the leader within and to adopt personal performance boosting strategies which will empower you to maximise your potential, be your best performing self and inspire others.

I know what it takes to thrive as an individual in business and in life and want to help you achieve the same.

I’ve experienced the highs and lows of effectiveness and the pressures of leading teams and myself through the evolution of career and business growth. I’ve first hand understanding of the strain of creating the balance, happiness and results we need to achieve our visions of success. Taking what I’ve learnt over 20 years of  working in different organisations and in different roles plus certified coach training and profiling, I work with people privately one to one (face to face or via skype) and in companies via sponsor’s to help transform careers and business performance and potential.

Greater productivity and smarter working

Career or business advancement, growth or change

Confidence & self belief

Improved leadership and relationships

Improved performance skills

Understand, Manage & change behaviour

Find more energy, happiness and balance

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Coaching focuses on the empowering belief that you already have all you need to achieve your goals, you just need support in raising personal and situational awareness to un-tap your greatness and to overcome any barriers both internal and external.

“It’s difficult to put into words the incredible journey I’ve been on with Victoria, but what I do know is that 6 months ago I was fed up treading water…. I was frustrated with my constant procrastinations and unable to give myself the kick up the arse needed to get things moving. With the insightful and focused coaching of Victoria I suddenly found momentum and strategies to attain what I wanted to achieve in life and at work”.

Jonathan, Program Director

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I met Victoria at networking event and always wanted to be coached. I have my own business and felt I always hit a barrier to achieve the success I desire. I am driven to succeed and love what I do, but sometimes I get stuck on looking at why others seem to be achieving more rather looking at my own success and achievements. My head was full of thoughts such as why not me? What is stopping me?

After meeting with Victoria, from that very first session, I knew coaching was the right decision. Having worked with Victoria for a few months now I have seen positive changes in my business and me as a person. These changes are driving me forward and taking me closer to the success I desire.

Biju, Entrepreneur

When I started working with Vicki, I felt I was lost and unsure if I wanted to remain with the company I had helped build, or look to do something completely different. Through focused sessions, Vicki challenged me to think about who I am and what I truly valued, allowing me to define what I wanted to achieve from my career going forwards. I’m now clear, positive, focused and more confident in my path ahead. Making changes to the way I am thinking and behaving is going to have strong impact on my future success.


Philip, Director