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As we become more experienced and evolve you’d think the ability to manage our careers, make changes and be able to perform to our best would get easier.

But, reality is, it is anything but easier. In fact it often feels more impossible, confusing and frustrating as time goes on and on.

Experience arms us with new skills and strengths but brings with it a bank of personal beliefs, stories, habits and expectations that make it tough, in the ever changing world around us, to keep progressing, remain satisfied and to continue being as good as we can be day-after-day.

Consequently, we hit hurdles and mind-blocks which cause us to plateau, slow down, get stuck, cloud our thinking and create overwhelm. It is at these points we struggle to believe in changes, to see clearly and to manage our thinking and behaviour.  We find it difficult to be decisive, to lead others and deliver on our KPIs both at work and in life. All in all it can start to become hard to jump out of bed in the morning with a buzz or to feel the love and satisfaction in our careers and get the most out of our performance everyday.

Step in ‘SELF LEADERSHIP’ – THE SECRET POWER you already hold which when you connect with will TRANSFORM your career, performance and life!

Self Leadership means taking complete ownership of your success. No finger pointing or no excuses and therefore an understanding that the only person who can make anything happen (good or bad) is standing in your shoes.

So, if that’s the case, ask yourself – What is forcing you to accept anything but the most fulfilling, meaningful and happiest time in your career?  How can you start to lead yourself more effectively to fulfil your impact and potential?

I can help you……

DESIGN your dream career – don’t just have a career – listen to your dreams, wants and needs so the work you do inspires and fulfils you completely.

DIRECT your everyday performance effectively – always growing, learning and maximising potential and impact no matter your life stage, challenges and changing priorities.

ACHIEVE MORE – out of yourself, accelerate your promotion and recognition. most of all learn to achieve more happiness, energy and fulfufilment continuously.


private coaching

Supporting  and empowering ambitious professionals to design, direct and achieve more in careers and performance in order to thrive personally & professionally.


Corporate coaching

Bespoke focused intervention coaching, learning and development programmes in order for individuals and the businesses to achieve more. 1:1 & workshops.


Hello, I’m Victoria Walsh – Self Leadership & Career Coach. A  believer in taking responsibility for living life to the fullest and achieving more constantly no matter where we are in our career and our changing life priorities.

I am coach for mid career professionals who want to rediscover and direct themselves to their fullest potential in careers which give them greater meaning and fulfilment.  I have over 20 years experience in leadership, operations and marketing as well as a wealth of personal wisdom, intuition and coaching credentials. I love to understand what makes people and businesses tick and therefore to get under the skin of what’s really going on, keeping things stuck and effecting performance. Most importantly, I’m all about empowering others through their beliefs to gets results which can transform their career, life and the businesses they work for. My Self-Leadership formula, with belief mastery at its heart, comes from personally managing years of ups and downs of business leadership as well as balancing parenting with career goals and performance.

If you want more out of yourself and more importantly out of life, then now is the time to take action. No one else has the power to your changes but you (believe me!). Let me help you lead yourself to create the shifts needed to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.