ONLY YOU HAVE THE REAL POWER TO create the positive change and balance you seek

Life and career can certainly be a roller coaster. Trying to balance family, work, friends, activities and ourselves is overwhelming, challenging and exhausting. As a ‘career mum’ and business leader, I know what it takes to thrive in the world of work and how the battles we face to be everything to everyone can impact our performance, our happiness and our confidence. With a 20 year successful marketing and business leadership career behind me, I have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help others maximise potential. No one should feel stuck, frustrated and unsupported in their career and life, that’s my empowering belief as a coach and why I work to help others create the positive changes they need in order to achieve all they want and more in their career and ultimately life. As a certified coach, mentor and believer in the importance of fulfilling potential, I’m here to  show you how investing in yourself and by leading yourself more effectively, you will ensure continued performance and success at home and at work without the need for super powers or compromises.

By leading from within we take ownership of our success and we learn to navigate and manage our thinking, beliefs and behaviour more effectively.

Self leadership creates better performers, decision makers, risk takers, leaders, team players, peers, friends and parents. Self Leadership Coaching will help you develop a stronger more effective mindset, create empowering beliefs and master your thoughts and behaviour. You’ll identify a personal toolbox of strategies which will keep you moving forward, keep you sane when all around you is going up and down plus help you continue to be and achieve your best as your grow, evolve and choose to live and experience the life your desire.



Just because you decide to start a family doesn’t mean you have to compromise on a rewarding career or feel you have to choose between being your best at work or as a mother. I’ll help you lead yourself effectively so you continue to succeed and perform fabulously in your career AND in motherhood. I can help you  get unstuck and make sense of your thinking, manage internal conflict & guilt, improve organisation, make positive changes to how you operate and what you do, create balance,  develop your confidence, pursue career change and acceleration, ensure return to work transition success, deliver inspired female leadership, redefine your personal brand, un-tap the entrepreneur within and perform fabulously at home and at work.




New Year New Focus – Move into 2018 with positive change and balance


I work with mid life (those in mid 30s to 50s) professionals in various careers and small business owners who are seeking to create the transformation and exceptional performance they desire through mastering Self-Leadership. I can help you with career change and acceleration, confidence, productivity and effectiveness, performance skills development,  leadership, resilience, team management, creating work life balance and unlocking the small business entrepreneurs growth.



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Your people hold the key to your organisations success. I believe everyone has the intention and ability to shine but they often need to learn how to influence and inspire themselves more effectively to do so. If you run a business or manage a team let me help you create a happy, effective and optimised environment, engage your people, maximising potential, drive positive behaviour and transform performance all by developing self leadership.



Hi, I’m Victoria Walsh, Self Leadership Coach and Mentor. I’m a believer in people, quality delivery and I’m passionate about helping others untap their best performing self so that they never feel focused, happy, effective and truly inspired in their jobs and life every day.

With 20 years career success behind me, and as a mum of two under 10, I’ve first hand experience of the strain of creating balance, happiness and the results we need to continually achieve our true visions of success as we evolve and grow.  We have one life to live, one career to build, one family to cherish and I believe no one should  spend too long feeling stuck, unsupported, overwhelmed, ineffective and unhappy.

I’d love to help you engage your leader within and lead yourself to success.

More about me

Victoria is a professional, authentic and an incredibly insightful coach. After just one coaching session together she managed to unpick what was holding me back on my job search and also to face the fears that I had created along the way. She also brought empathy to the session and a wealth of experience of the corporate world which she has spent a long time working in. I would thoroughly recommend a coaching programme with Victoria especially if you are going through a transitional period and need someone to help navigate next steps. I love her honesty and pragmatic approach. She has a great passion for wanting to help people and make a difference and I know as a result I now have clarity on what I need to do next

Rebecca D, Independent professional and mum

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I met Victoria at networking event and always wanted to be coached. I have my own business and felt I always hit a barrier to achieve the success I desire. I am driven to succeed and love what I do, but sometimes I get stuck on looking at why others seem to be achieving more rather looking at my own success and achievements. My head was full of thoughts such as why not me? What is stopping me?

After meeting with Victoria, from that very first session, I knew coaching was the right decision. Having worked with Victoria for a few months now I have seen positive changes in my business and me as a person. These changes are driving me forward and taking me closer to the success I desire.

BR, Entrepreneur

When I started working with Vicki, I felt I was lost and unsure if I wanted to remain with the company I had helped build, or look to do something completely different. Through focused sessions, Vicki challenged me to think about who I am and what I truly valued, allowing me to define what I wanted to achieve from my career going forwards. I’m now clear, positive, focused and more confident in my path ahead. Making changes to the way I am thinking and behaving is going to have strong impact on my future success.


P Churchman, Director